Celebrating grandparents

Sept. 8 is Grandparents Day. Stop for a moment and think about your grandparents, and if you are lucky enough to still have grandparents please make time for them on Sept.8 and beyond. You won’t have them forever and when they are gone much of your access to family history may go with them.

I am named after my Grandma Eva, she was a short, feisty woman who always had a bad haircut and made pancakes every day of her 92 years. Funny the things you remember! She was kind of bossy (a trait I share with her) and when criticized she would say “somebody’s got to take charge of this outfit”. My grandparents homesteaded in a wide spot in the road in Wyoming and worked very hard to eek out a living and raise four children. It was a hard life, but
I never heard them complain unless it was about the relentless Wyoming wind or the antelope that ate the garden.

Grandpa was very quiet, probably because he couldn’t get a word in. After chores he would sit by the radio and listen to the news, the farm report and the radio flea market before falling asleep in his chair. The home he built never had electricity or plumbing but it was always warm and comfortable and full of the smell of grandma’s homemade bread. I loved going to the “ranch” for visits, when the cousins would help bring in the hay. I vividly remember the day my uncle’s fancy tractor broke down in the middle of haying. Grandpa walked back to the barn hooked up a team of horses and an old slip and brought it out to finish the job. I was about 11 years old and so proud of him, he was 83 and crippled up but he did what needed to be done.

I became a grandma 24 years ago, I was a young grandma only 36 years old when my precious granddaughter came along. I was able to spend a lot of time with her the first few years and we remain very close today. She tends to overshare sometimes, but I am grateful she feels comfortable enough with me to do so. I would have never talked to my grandmother or even my mom about the things we discuss, but I am happy to help her navigate adulthood.

Most grandparents will tell you that is the best thing that ever happened to them, you can spoil the grandkids and send them home. Today many grandparents have become the primary custodians of their grandchildren for a variety of reasons. This is a life changing event that usually finds people ill prepared for the emotional, physical and financial turbulence that ensues.

If you or someone you know is managing this life changing event, please tell them to contact the Area Agency on Aging at Region 10. We have partnered with Hilltop to provide education and much needed respite for these grandparents. It always takes a village to raise a child; but this circumstance magnifies the importance.

Join us in thanking and celebrating GRANDPARENTS on September 8 th and every day.

Eva can be reached at 970-765-3127 or 10 Community Living Services Program Director


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