Allison Nadel—Alpine Bank dream job

Allison Nadel, Alpine Bank, marketing

She works in an office on the second floor, without windows that might distract with the bustle of the banking transactions. She is separate from the face-to-face work at the E. Main Street Alpine Bank location.

But don’t be misled, Allison Nadel’s entire job as Assistant Vice President, Regional Marketing Director, is to connect with the Montrose community and to help Alpine Bank support community events, special projects, make grants and donations. Nadel supervises more than 150 events throughout the year within her area of Delta, Montrose, Ridgway and Ouray.

“We help the community by supporting an event or a non-profit. The big ones are HopeWest, Sharing Ministeries and Habitat for Humanity. We assist either through monetary donation or in other ways. For the PIC Place, we are facilitating their toy drive.”

The PIC place, a partnership of the former Community Dental Clinic, DeltaMontrose Technical College, the Delta County School District 50J and the Center for Mental Health, offers comprehensive health care for low income and indigent individuals throughout the region.

Nadel was raised in Ridgway and knew the Alpine Bank territory well. She joined Alpine in 2002 as a part-time teller and quickly moved to full-time. When the marketing position opened up, she jumped on it. Her days are spent planning and attending community events.

“I love this job,” she exclaimed. It seems a perfect match between a personality, a resume and the job requirements. She is truly excited about the events. Her car’s trunk is often filled with the accroutrements of parties, buffets and booths. And the department and the work have expanded so much that Nadel now has an assistant, Lori Bachmann.

In official terms, her marketing position describes her as the steward for the brand of Alpine Bank, responsible for the messaging, marketing and branding.

“We want people to know what we are in each of our communities,” she explained. “We’re not just a business, we want to be a part of the community, support the community, and support the people who live there.

When asked why she enjoys her job so much, she said: “I’m a pretty generous person with my time. Personally, I may not have all the dollars to donate, so it allows me to help support organizations. I have a giving spirit. I also love to be creative and come up with new and unique ways to market and support the community.”

Nadel is well-settled in Montrose. She owns a 100-year old house in the historic area. Her mother, the artist Linda Nadel, shares the home and paints in a studio which was converted from an old garage behind the house.

So when you see the distinctive Alpine Bank logo at the top of a group of sponsors for a gala fundraiser, or when you see the drop-off place for toys for needy children at an Alpine Bank lobby, you’re seeing the work of Allison Nadel in the background.

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