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Amy Rowan is a Montrose native, a graduate of Montrose High School and is proud to mention that she was on the last State championship volleyball and basketball teams.

She is married to Montrose Fire Chief Tad Rowan and they have two children, Daniel, 25, who is in the Navy and 22-year-old Stephanie, a senior at the Univ. of Portland.

In her spare time she enjoys photography and is the new vice-president of the Montrose Women’s Club.

She has a passion for helping caregivers who are caring for people with dementia. “I’ve always been fascinated by dementia and I do have some background in dementia care and caregiver support. I really like staying up with what’s going on and how to support the caregivers. I still meet with a few people I had as clients at Region 10, just because we became friends. I still go over and meet with a couple of husbands who are taking care of their wives with Alzheimers. That is my passion.”

Rowan wears many hats, but she has one job, working for Tri-County Health Network.  She is the Rocky Mountain Health Plan medicaid coordinator, covering all of Montrose County.

“Anyone who’s in the hospital,” she explains, “or the E.R. whose file comes across my desk, if they warrant a call, I call them to make sure they have a follow-up appointment, that they were able to pick up their prescriptions.”

Her biggest responsibility is to help people with the necessities of life, such as getting to their medical appointments or picking up prescriptions. Her clients range from pregnant moms to a 106 year old woman.

“I will meet with them and go over what programs and services are available, help them find a primary care physician, whether in Montrose or Delta. If they’re qualified for food stamps I’ll help them fill out the form. There are numerous other programs they might qualify for.”

This is a lifelong learning job. She’s taking an 18-month class through the Colorado Trust. “It’s looking at why people who are living in poverty, continue living in poverty, the struggles that they have and how to help them navigate the systems. This job really ties in to the classes I’ve been taking concerning the social determinants of health. This refers to how the conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes.

“I have a family with two kids where both parents work two jobs and they still can’t make ends meet. I help them find the resources that may help them. Some have the fear of filling out an application for food stamps, or the LEAP application to get heating assistance.”

Rowan works with individuals with mental health issues. “Even if someone is in a psychiatric hospital,” she said, “they’ll still come to me and I’ll work with the Center for Mental Health to see if this person needs housing, and check if they have a follow-up appointment with Mental Health.



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