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Montrose Regional Library
Montrose Library

This is a time of year for both reflection and planning. Here at the Montrose Regional Library District we have just celebrated the retirement of a 20 year employee who played a crucial part of the excellent services the library has provided to children. Janet Oslund is a good friend, colleague and champion of library services to children. She will be missed. Her energy and creativity have made Children’s services at the District an oft praised part of the library.

Janet has been with the Library District since we were located in what is now the Montrose Police Station. While there she shared a tiny office with another incredible colleague of mine, Tania Hajjar. I’m not saying how tiny the office was, but their desks were back to back and they had to coordinate when one of them was going to push a chair back to get up.

Janet and I have been reminiscing about the past and were recently talking about the move from the old library in the current police station, to the current library. I decided to use volunteer labor and shopping carts to move all of the books to the new library. Janet helped with the organization. On the day of the move, over 300 volunteers showed up and we took books off of shelves in the old library, loaded them in shopping carts, and had kind of a parade down South First Street, turned on Cascade, onto South Second and into the new building where we put them on the shelves. I discovered we don’t have but two or three photos of the move so if any of you were around and took pictures, I would love to have copies made if I could. Congratulations, Janet, on your well-deserved retirement. You will be greatly missed, but I am thankful for the opportunity to know you.

Janet’s well-earned retirement is an opportunity to reorganize and move things around at the District. We are currently advertising to fill the Head of Children’s Services position at the Montrose Regional Library. New energy will be needed by someone to come in and make this job their own. I, personally, am excited about the opportunities.

The District also is advertising for two open Board of Trustees positions. These volunteer positions are crucial to the vision and direction of the Library District. Board Members set policy and direction for the District. They oversee the adoption of the budget each year, evaluate the Library Director, and provide for strategic planning. These important volunteers serve five year terms, meeting once per month on the first Monday of each month.

There are lots of things happening at the library, as usual. Story times and children’s services continue to go great guns. Planning is underway for children’s and teen summer reading programs. Some fantastic volunteers are continuing the Great Decisions series. Internally, we have some big projects coming up.

It is hard to believe the Montrose Regional Library building will be celebrating its 19th year of existence this summer. We have received E-Rate funding to rewire the building to bring our internal wiring network up to date. This will likely cause some disruption in services but it will serve us well, likely for another twenty years. With staffing and personnel changes, 2017 is looking to be an exciting year. As always, we look forward to seeing you at your local library.

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Paul Paladino

Paul Paladino

Paul is the Montrose Library District Director