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Chris Adams opens downtown event center

Montrose Events Center

The Montrose Events Center is hosting its first gathering this weekend but it won’t be the first party Chris Adams has organized.

After 17 years of running Park Avenue Parties from a corner of her business, Park Avenue True Value, Chris Adams was prepared to expand that part of the business. She leased the east side of Christine Bloss’ building at 648 S. First in Montrose and brings to the city an intimate event venue designed for around 90 people.

Chris Adams, Christine Swanson

Christine Swanson (l) Chris Adams

“Park Avenue Parties supplies tables and chairs, dishware, decor and other items for parties,” Adams explained, “and we thought it would be a good fit.”

Celeste Swanson is Adams’ right-hand-woman. She began years ago working for Fran Noonan at Noon ‘N Night catering and knows the food side of catering.

“Celeste and I are super busy about four months a year and we decided that there could be other things we could do in the balance of the year,” Adams said.¬†They work about 200 events a year, generally weddings up and down the Western Slope.

The Montrose Events Center is only a block from the hardware store. “It’s pretty easy for us to come and go,” Adams said. “It’s a nice calm, right downtown kind of place.”

The center is set up for music, there’s a small kitchen, and a bar to serve beer and wine. They expect to be doing fine wine tasting events and, as Adams said, “always serving Coffee Trader coffee.”

Adams is so comfortable about the first event coming up Oct. 22 that she’s going to a family event out of town and leaving it up to Celeste and Adam’s daughter, Whitney.

On her return they’ll be gearing up for corporate Christmas parties. The firemen will be their first big holiday party. Visit or call 596-3679.


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