Screens for things device repair

Terry Morris

Terry Morris and his two associates have close to 60 years computer experience. Two months ago Morris purchased the computer repair shop called Macsumize. Morris’ has renamed the shop Screens for Things.(He is waiting for the new signs.) The business is located in Hawk Parkway, south of the Stone House,

The shop will fix, repair, troubleshoot, replace broken parts on phones, tablets, computers and laptops. “Our biggest business is repairing cell phones and tablets,” said Morris. “People break screens and need new batteries all the time.”

Morris has been in Montrose since 1997 when he got out of the service, He started learning about computers in high school. “I helped my high school in Bridgeport, Wash. develop IT,’ He helped the school start the first computer information class.”

His father moved to Montrose when Morris was in the service. Morris relates that his father was working at a company that was running fiber optic. “He stopped here and said I don’t want to move any further.”

Hours are 9-5 or by special arrangement. 970-275-2972


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