Dave Bowman—running on all cylinders

Photo by Sydney Warner, Montrose Press

“Life is pretty grand right now,” said Dave Bowman. It’s nice to interview a person whose life is running on all cylinders. Bowman has served on Montrose’s City Council for 2-½ years and the city is doing well, his concerts are successful and he has enjoyed being a stay-at-home grandpa.

“One of the most significant things that Council has accomplished this year,” he said, “is coming to agreement with the Lighthouse Ministries and John Harold of Tuxedo Corn to use the Brown Center as an emergency shelter in the winter and for migrant workers in the summer.”  The Brown Center is north of town back behind the animal shelter. It will house 20-22 people.

“It’s always been a concern about how we’re going to take care of our homeless,” Bowman said. “With the leadership of Lighthouse Ministries, we were able to come to an agreement. The City had the Brown Center which was no longer being used and we wanted to have it used.”

The economy is healthy and tourism is up all over Western Colorado, according to Bowman. Sales tax revenues have been up every month. This allows the City to spend money the extras. The City hopes to expand the Whitewater Park at Riverbottom in the next two years.

“There’s more and more cooperation between the City and the County to accomplish things and, as we do, we save everybody money,” he said.

Bowman’s other project to put his prodigious energy is his Montrose Summer Music Series, four free concerts on the Black Canyon Golf  Course which are presented on the first Friday of June, July, August and September. This is his fifth year and each year they have been more successful,

“We’ve got a funky rock band out of Fayetteville, Ark. coming, a classic bluegrass band out of Southern California, the hottest R&B band in America and a Tex-Mex band out of Albuquerque. The official announcement will be made closer to the date.

“We’re still in the process of fundraisers, but at this point, our fifth year, I think the community likes what we’re doing and the fundraising is going smoothly.”

Bowman taught reading to disabled children for 28 years (20 in Montrose). About two and a half years ago his daughter Cassidy, moved back from Virginia. She’s teaching journalism and English at Montrose High.

It been a long time since Bowman has had little children in the house. He and Kathy have been playing Grandma and Grandpa daycare. The kids are now five and seven.

“It’s been a ball watching them grow up and become part of the Montrose community. They’re both really sports minded even as youngsters.”

Bowman has infectious energy and enthusiasm. He’s enjoying all the different parts of his life and looking forward to more of the same.

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Mavis Bennett

Mavis Bennett

A western Colorado resident for most of her life, Mavis Bennett is the publisher of the Montrose Monitor. She has written for newspapers and magazines more than three decades and founded the popular Monitor Magazine in 2003. This web site is the logical progression for the Monitor.