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It seems as if I am always writing about what’s new and exciting at the Montrose Regional Library District.My apologies if the topic seems repetitive, but there is always something new and exciting going on. One thing the staff does not do, is rest on their laurels. New ideas, programs, products and new ways of doing things come up constantly. Of course some ideas take longer to mature or put in place than others.

Take two of our recent projects for example. The Book Van, which I wrote about last month, should finally be here in early December. The nearly one year delay was caused by an ordering mix up from the factory and the bus type doors taking forever due to the steel tariffs.

The other big project has been our joining of the Marmot library consortium and the switch to their computer system. That project was in the works for over a year as well, with the migration to their system taking a full 3 months. I am happy to report that most people are very happy with the system, especially their Pika front interface, the part that most of the public sees. If you haven’t tried it yet, jump online and check it out or, better yet, come in and we’ll be happy to show it to you if you need to. It is really easy to use though and most people don’t need much, if any, training. As I tell people, it is so easy even a library director can use it.

We also have a fun program going on in December. In conjunction with our kindred library in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, we set up a joint photo display. Plovdiv sent us around 25 photos of their area, and we sent them 25 of ours. You can see the resulting display in the gallery space at the Montrose Regional Library.

Library Voices programs continue to draw good crowds. In November the program was on sled
dogs and the Iditarod. Karen Land and her sled dog Noggin shared stories from the trail. Karen also brought her bed warmer dog, Chloe the Corgi to share the fun. On December 11, Dennis Goodhue of Diamond G Repair will present a program on Basic Car Care aspart of the Adulting 101 Series. Lunch and Learn will have two programs in December. On December
11 Debra Bianchi of the Alzheimer’s Association will present “Understanding Alzheimer’s and
Dementia. The program “Effective Communication Strategies” will be presented on December 17. The

Library Book Club discusses Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22” on December 7 and Crafternoon meets the 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd Wednesdays of the month. This group gathers to knit and crochet items for charity.

What about collections? The Library District will be switching the Marmot Overdrive network on
January 1, 2020. Overdrive offers access to e-books and downloadable audio books. Full access to RB Digital’s audiobooks and comics will be added to our subscription on January 1 st as well. Access to
magazines will start in February. Kanopy movie streaming service will be added January 1, which will include 30,000 feature films, documentaries, and instructional videos. Most titles will be available for unlimited plays for a 72-hour checkout period. Kanopy Kids and Great Courses will offer unlimited plays for 30 days.

As always, there is a great deal happening. If you have any questions just ask us and make sure to come
check us out.

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Paul Paladino

Paul Paladino

Paul is the Montrose Library District Director