Flag Day June 14

I’ve always been a flag person. Being a history major I have read of the heroics of soldiers trying to keep the flag flying in the midst of battle. It wasn’t until I lived in the Haight Ashbury in 1968 that I actually witnessed violence against the American flag. I was young and pretty sheltered and it was many years later that I began to understand the hate and frustration against the Vietnam war. To many, it was the only way they thought they could get the attention of the government and stop the war. It was many years before that happened and not as a result of burning the flag.

Our flag is a symbol of unity–United States. Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I felt that unity. But let’s not leave this message on a sad note. I’m old enough to have seen the ups and downs and the changes in American politics. Let’s vote our hearts in November and be grateful we live in such a superb state. Let’s go swimming, boating, hiking, camping, biking, and all those other fabulous activities. Remember, there are folks all over this country who would give their right arm to be Coloradoans.

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Mavis Bennett

Mavis Bennett

A western Colorado resident for most of her life, Mavis Bennett is the publisher of the Montrose Monitor. She has written for newspapers and magazines more than three decades and founded the popular Monitor Magazine in 2003. This web site is the logical progression for the Monitor.