Free 3D Mammograms May 6-10

Bosom Buddies and Montrose Memorial Hospital are celebrating Mother’s Day by giving FREE 3D mammograms the week of May 6-10 to residents of Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel Counties. Deadline to register is May 1.

Regardless of insurance status or age, anyone who registers by calling 970-252-2540 will receive the procedure free that week courtesy of Bosom Buddies. MMH has reserved 150 appointments for this week so those interested are encouraged to call early.

“A 3D mammogram may seem like an odd gift for Mother’s Day but it’s free and it might save the life of someone you love,” said Bosom Buddies President Phyllis Wiesner. “Early detection is so important in beating breast cancer.”

According to Wiesner, one out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. “Tell your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister and daughter – tell all the women you know that they can receive a free mammogram the week of May 6-10 by calling 970-252-2540.”

Montrose Memorial Hospital offers 3D mammography, which gives your provider a wider view that allows them to see tissue with greater clarity and depth as never before. This gives you the greatest advantage in the war on breast cancer. Because the image clarity of 3D mammography leads to more accurate breast cancer detection, women are diagnosed with fewer false positives and don’t experience the worry of follow-up tests.

According to Wiesner, many women delay getting a mammogram because they don’t have insurance or have high deductibles. “Some young women with a family history of breast cancer want the procedure but don’t qualify for insurance coverage because of their age,” she said. “We want to make mammograms available to anyone who wants one.”

The cost of the mammogram including the radiologist fees will be covered completely by Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support Group of Southwestern Colorado. The results will be sent to the woman’s primary care provider. If the doctor recommends further diagnostic procedures, the woman can apply to Bosom Buddies and receive financial assistance if she qualifies.

In addition to financial medical assistance, Bosom Buddies helps those dealing with breast cancer with weekly support meetings, prosthesis supplies and counseling. To find out more about what the group has to offer, go to their website at

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Leann Tobin

Leann Tobin

Leann Tobin is the Director of Community Engagement at Montrose Memorial Hospital. She has been at MMH since 1999 and participates in the strategic planning and leadership for the organization. Leann grew up in Lakewood Colorado and received her B.S. from Colorado State University. She and her husband, Pat, met while traveling in the international program Up with People. They have two sons, Bryce and Dylan.