Lissette Reviere–A spark back to the community


Lissette Reviere has worked for the Partners Youth Mentoring for 13 years. They describe her as the “spark.” She has a bubbly aura and a ready laugh. One could imagine how the kids in the Partners program could easily relate to her.

She came to Montrose 23 years ago with her first husband to visit his mother. They were offered the job of running the Marina at Ridgway Reservoir. In the winter she worked for Glee at Tiffany’s who taught her how do stain glass. She also worked with John Clark in Ridgway for a couple of years.

The Partners program is divided  into two parts. The One to One is for kids six to 17. They commit to being in the program for a year, meeting their mentor three hours a week.”We provide monthly activities for the partners to come to as well as the kids who are waiting for a partner,” she said. There are 80 active partnerships in Delta, Montrose, and Ouray. There are 50 kids on the waiting list right now.

Lisette Reviere works as Case Manager for the Art Partner program, a separate program from the One to One. It came about 20 plus years ago. It’s for youth who are creative and are not drawn to the One to One program. The mentor commits to six months. Most mentors say that they got more out of it than the mentee did. You don’t have to do anything special.

Reviere has had two mentees, brothers, for five years. “They got me out doing things that I might not have. If you just go for hikes, go to the grocery store and cook dinner, or go to the movies. And we provide a monthly activity. We do a rafting trip, we just built rockets,we’ve built kites, ice climbing,we’re having a beach party.”

“Mentoring is the number one form of prevention against using drugs, alcohol and other substances,” she said. “We are an evidence-based program. We do a survey of the youth’s perceptions before they’re matched and after and it shows positive movement in their attitude toward school, the risk of harm from drugs and alcohol. So youth that have a mentor in their life that’s not a parent or a teacher is less likely to do alcohol and drugs and other substances.”

Reviere says that her mentees helped get her through the loss of her husband a year and a half ago. She also has a group of supportive friends  who have helped her.

If you are interested in joining the Partners program, which has a rigorous screening program, please call 249-1116.


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