Mental Health Center to open Ridgway clinic

The Center for Mental Health is pleased to announce that it will be opening a clinic in Ridgway during June of 2017. The new clinic will be located at 177 Sherman Street, Suite 103 and will offer mental health and substance use disorder services.

Work is currently being completed on the inside to create a pleasing and welcoming space with a planned finish date in the early part of June.

The clinic will be open five days a week with regularly scheduled hours.

The Center for Mental Health is a community mental health center, organized as a non-profit, with a governing board of directors representative of the communities served. The Center provides comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder care throughout the six counties of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel with a team of 147 staff and a budget of just over $12 million. The Center was organized in 1964 in response to the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 – the last bill that President Kennedy signed before he was assassinated. With this proud heritage, the Center will be, for the first time, part of the Ridgway community.

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Janey Sorenson