Montrose Center for the Arts on the horizon

They’ve been operating like an art center for the past three years without the building. “We promote the excellence of all art forms by either nurturing artists, bringing artists to the city to teach classes as well as utilizing our own locals.” Jodine Broscovak, President of MCA, is a watercolorist and a woman with a vision. “We provide events, activities.  We put on a charity “CHAIR-ity” event. We offered this contest to the community and we had citizens sign up. They painted their own chairs and we had the exhibit and the sale at the Farmer’s Market.”

They have signed an intent to lease the former Warriors Resource space on the corner of Park and Main. “We started fundraising in October and  are nearing $16,000 that we’ve raised. Our ultimate goal is $60,000 which will cover our lease plus utilities for the first year,” said Broscovak.

Three years ago there were several art galleries on Main Street. They showed different artists work, had openings and gatherings. But they closed within a short time  of each other.

There are quite a number of artists in Montrose who were asking each other—where will we display our art; where will we take classes.

“So rather than just an art gallery or an artists coop,” Broscovak said, “we decided that we wanted to go for a big goal and create an art center for Montrose. Montrose does not have an art center, never has had. We feel that there’s a great need for what an art center can offer.”

Some 12 people had a meeting in June 2015 and in the Fall of 2015 the Montrose Community Foundation met with them and offered to be their fiscal sponsor, keeping books and the financial end of it.

In the following Nov. we received our 501(c) 3 designation,” Broscovak said,  “and created a board, wrote our bylaws and business plan which took us quite a few months.”

“This building is a perfect fit for what we need,” she said  “We don’t have to do anything except freshen up with some paint and install a hanging system for the galleries. It also provides several offices that can be rented to an outside business and that will help us subsidize our lease. We have a full kitchen and the gallery space holds 100 chairs. We can be equipped to rent to smaller events, private receptions and things of that nature.”

They’ve made plans for some events and classes for next year, but are waiting on whether the events will be in this building or elsewhere. “But we still have to go ahead with the schedule.”

They’ve collaborated with Haven House to teach their children a series of art classes and have set up a series with the Art Partners, the artists who mentor at-risk children.

“Of course we welcome new members,” said Broscovak. “There are many community members who like to be involved and some even take the classes.

“An Art Center enhances a community both socially and economically,” Broscovak added.


For MCA Membership

Contact information: 970-249-5645, 970-417-4649




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Mavis Bennett

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