My husband and I

Naked baby sleeping


My husband and I…

…have entered the world of grandparenthood. It is a joyous, funny world. We see those tiny little bodies and the wonderment of birth amazes us all over again.  We relive the sleepless nights, the colic, and the diaper blowouts through the calls from our daughter… and that is when we remember it wasn’t all cute little dresses or little baby boy blue jeans.

Ours are “just turned three” and “will be two in September”, a boy and a girl, and they are at that age where you either crack up laughing or shake your head in disbelief.

Like the time a huge dog bone toy sailed through the air and hit the parents’ TV screen. Practicing throws inside is obviously not a winner. The plumber coming to retrieve toys they didn’t even know were missing, was not a memory to be relived, either.  And let’s not forget a bean stuck in a nose. Google that one and see the result- it is a super way to literally blow out a bean that is not yet lodged way up in a sinus cavity!

It was obvious with our daughter and with every child I have ever seen, that God did not plan the way teeth come in as well as He could have. Sorry, God, that is a mom and grandparent speaking. Why is there prolonged painful teething for about three plus years, and then we still have those molars and wisdom teeth that continue to arrive until about age thirty?? Everyone says that little kids bite at a certain age- we parents/grandparents know the real reason. They are not mad at another child; they are field testing their teeth!

They live across the country so we don’t see them as often as we would like. When we do visit, I learn the names of the Monster trucks, line them up on race tracks or race them around furniture. I have watched “Cars” so many times (I think about a 100) that I just about know all the dialogue. I also know that a movie they absolutely love, “Coraline” is just weird. Characters with button eyes and living in an alternative universe just creeps me out!  I watch with them and they hold my hand so I won’t be scared. Those “littles” are just like alarm clocks. Somewhere between 6:00 AM and 6:10 AM we hear tiny feet come pounding down the hall to our room followed by banging on our door to open up. We boost two little bodies into our bed with the silly notion that everyone will settle in for just a little more sleep. I had truly forgotten how that never happens. What I have not forgotten is the warm cuddly feel of a small child in an overnight pee-soaked diaper…and hoping it holds for just a few more minutes.

In this world of technology, there is a valid concern that the human element of our relationships will be diminished or even lost. Our children and grandchildren can operate a cell phone for videos or games at a very young age, and they should. That is the world they are entering for school and jobs.  But don’t let reading stories at night before bedtime be lost. Don’t let splashing in puddles after a rain storm never happen. Laugh and tickle and run in circles outside for no reason. That was our job as parents years ago and is now our job as grandparents. And while you are at it, throw in a lot of random kisses and hugs… you never need a reason for those.


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Debbie Reed

Debbie Reed

Debbie Reed is a 35+ year transplant to Montrose. In her other life, she is a Realtor with Phelps Realty,