Our daughter, son-in-law and their children (known as “the chittlins” ( it’s a Southern thing)…

Kate Reed U.S. World Cup Team
Kate Reed took all that energy and focus and became a world class skier.


… came for Christmas last year. Ryder at 19 months and Landry, the Princess, at four months brought back so many memories of raising our own daughter…and also made me realize there is a reason God gives babies to the young. I fell into bed almost comatose each night. The chittlins were great and I give their parents an “A” for consistent discipline. There were only a couple of times where I had to give Ryder ”the look” in secret. He comes by it honestly—his mother was a good hearted, but very strong-willed toddler. So strong-willed that her daycare mom, who was then, and is still a very good friend, asked if we were planning on any more children. When I asked why, she said it was because “the thought of another one like Kate made her blood run cold.” It was the truth. I couldn’t blame her.

This was the small child who carried a little stool around all day long just in case she needed it to climb up high.

Who thought crunchy cat food out of the bowl on the floor was a snack. Gag. There was the day downtown when she skipped a little ahead of me and was about to cross an alley. I yelled ” Stay!” (just like we raised our dogs) and she had smoke coming off her little sandals as she screeched to a halt. The lady on the sidewalk in front of her came to a fast stop as well, when she heard me yell. My husband and I laid in bed one night and he tiredly asked, “So, how do you think we did with Kate today? Are we keeping up with her? “Are you kidding me??” I groaned. “We aren’t even close to keeping EVEN!”

Kate and Brian (the son-in- law, who we call the son we never had) took Ryder up to Telluride while they were here and we kept the Princess. I got a refresher course on the care of a small infant and sent them on their way. As soon as the door shut, I moved her bouncy chair to the kitchen and said, “Girlfriend , I’ve got things to do today and you are along for the ride!” We cleaned cabinets out, washed dishes, swept and mopped and kept up a steady stream of talk…or at least one of us talked. At bottle time we watched the movie “Young Guns” as I gave her a little Western history lesson. Naptime was super and we were up and at it again.

Before they left, Kate told us she now realized how hard it is to be a good parent. She gave us our best gift ever when she said she and Brian felt they had good role models from both sets of parents, to help them raise their family. I cried when they left and then proceeded to wash almost every towel we owned because we had reached the end of clean ones. You see, I had also forgotten how much projectile vomit/spit up there is in a small baby. God also gives selective memories to grandparents!

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Debbie Reed

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