Precautionary closure of Montrose dog park

 The city will temporarily close the Montrose Dog Park on March 21 to allow city staff and animal control officers time to evaluate the condition of the park, given recent concerns about the possibility of canine diseases being transmitted there. The closure will last until April 19.

During the closure, steps will be taken to prevent the spread of disease in the dog park. Dog waste is one of the biggest health hazards that can occur at the park. Dog owners can help keep the park in good condition and minimize the risk of transmitting diseases by always cleaning up after their pets.

Also, the city requests that users of the park refrain from providing communal water bowls for dogs, which can worsen the spread of diseases. Instead, owners should water their dogs at home or in their vehicle before or after play sessions at the park. The city will restore water service to the dog park fountain for the April 19 reopening.

“If pet owners have specific questions about canine diseases and how they may be transmitted, they should contact their veterinarian,” advised Montrose Animal Control Supervisor Mike Duncan.

On April 17, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, volunteers are invited to attend a clean-up event at the dog park without their dogs. The event will focus on cleaning up dog waste, spreading mulch, and removing debris so that the park is in good shape for the re-opening.

Leash ordinances remain in effect in all other parks and public spaces during the dog park closure. The city asks that citizens keep dogs on-leash and clean up after their pets in all city parks, particularly at the Sunset Mesa Sports complex and Cedar Creek Cemetery.

For additional information, please contact:

 Parks Superintendent John Malloy 970-240-1411,
Animal Control Supervisor Mike Duncan 970-240-5269

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Mavis Bennett

Mavis Bennett

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