Proximity Space wins Governor’s award

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Entrepreneurial working space wins Governor's award.

By David Spear, City of Montrose
Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) has named Proximity Space the winner of the “Best New Addition to Downtown” in the 2015 Governor’s Awards for Downtown Excellence.  The awards program recognizes outstanding projects and people in Colorado demonstrating creativity in the face of enormous challenges, unlikely and enduring partnerships, and dedication to the community.

Executive Director of DCI, Katherine Correll, stated, “There is so much creative energy in Colorado right now. In communities throughout the state, innovative partnerships, local commitment, and long-term vision are coming together to shape incredible projects.” The partnership between Abrams Strategic Group, Region 10, and the City of Montrose to jump start Proximity Space represents just that.

The facility offers an innovative approach to coalescing talent into one physical space. The end result is an entrepreneurial support center that appeals to every demographic, aids in business attraction and retention, and targets creative professionals to inject new energy into the local business community.

“Many have realized that a well-designed place that encourages casual collisions of entrepreneurial minds allows a spark of an idea to quickly grow into a new product, initiative or service,” said Director of Innovation and Citizen Engagement Virgil Turner.  “The City recognizes the value of creating the type of entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists at Proximity Space. Amazingly fast Internet, open work spaces, and an expectation that you will find someone with the knowledge, skill or desire to help you in your endeavors, all add up to the success we have seen at Proximity Space.  City Council and staff now regularly work there for the same reasons that attract entrepreneurs and professionals from throughout our region.”

Dennis Lankes, a partner of Abrams Strategic Group and co-founder of Proximity Space, is proud of what the Governor’s Award says about Montrose. “Proximity Space represents the strength in collaboration and could not have been achieved without the forward thinking and assistance of both the City and Region 10,” he said.

Representatives of the Proximity Space and City will receive the Governor’s Award for “Best New Addition to Downtown” in the Small Cities category on October 8 at the DCI Conference in Durango, Colorado.

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