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  • See the current activity guide at for the full menu of recreational services we offer.
  • The Winter-Spring guide covers programs through March.  The Summer guide will be mailed by April 1st, with registration starting that day at 6am.  It will cover MRD services for April through July.
  • The Connect Trail Project has Broken Ground and Construction is Underway!  The connecting the people to their parks and recreation trail expansion project broke ground last month and local general contractor Western Gravel is making great progress on the trail construction.  The project will add 2.25 miles of 10′ concrete trail with a 2′ soft surface shoulder and two underpasses under our two busiest roads, Highways 550 and 90. The Uncompahgre River Trail will then connect the Justice Center and Colorado Outdoors on the north to the CRC and the Ute Indian Museum on the south.  The project is a partnership between the City of Montrose, the MRD, Mayfly, the Montrose Urban Renewal Authority, Montrose County, Gates Family Foundation, the Colorado Health Foundation, Black Hills Energy, the Montrose Recreation Foundation, the Montrose Community Foundation and the Valley Food Partnership.  This incredibly strong local collaboration earned the support of Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO), a beneficiary of the Colorado Lottery, with a $2M grant. The project will be complete and open to the public by the end of the year. Click here to see a video of construction from mid February!
  • Expanded Parking at the CRC for those needing closer parking. In response to patron feedback, MRD will be adding in 6 new parking spots next to the existing handicap parking that are designated for those needing closer parking.  This will help the situation of all handicap parking being taken on a consistentbasis,particularly in the mornings. These spots are reserved for those needing closer parking so please help the safety of those needing closer parking.  See the sign below in the photo gallery.
  • basis,particularly in the mornings.  These spots are reserved for those needing closer parking so please help the safety of those needing closer parking.  See the sign below in the photo gallery.
  • The Renovation of Holly Park is Nearing!  In addition to a $500,000 Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant for the overall project, we are also pursuing a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant to enable the renovation of Holly Park and the widen Riverbottom Drive. Grant decisions will be announced in early March.  Please see below in the photo gallery to see the site plan for a renovated Holly Park. The Montrose Rec. Foundation has committed to a $25K local fundraising goal, which we hope to leverage by bringing in the large grants described above. The MRF has currently raised $12.5K thus far!  If you would like to contribute, you can do so at the CRC front desk or by clicking here to link to
  • Thanks for being a patron and/or supporter!   
  • Happy March!   


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Mavis Bennett

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