River Valley Family Health Center moves into Krebs office

River Valley Family Health staff

River Valley Family Health Center (RVFHC) signed a lease on a facility that will more than double its capacity for care in Montrose in the coming weeks. RVFHC will move into 5 Hillcrest Plaza Way, the former office of recently retired Dr. Jeffrey Krebs. This will immediately provide more space and access to quality care in Montrose, which has been identified as a major need in the community. This new leased space will replace the current small temporary facility on Tessitore Road in Montrose, where it first opened in October of 2015. Dr. Liam Lunstrum, a new physician will also be joining the Montrose clinic in December.

This is a great intermediate step from our current Montrose site and our final long-term facility in Montrose. The move to a larger temporary facility in Montrose allows us to meet the growing needs of this community in real time while we work out the details of our permanent site,” said Jeremy Carroll, chief executive officer of River Valley Family Health Center.

Dr. Krebs explains, “We are proud to pass on our tradition of excellent patient care by leasing our clinic space at 5 Hillcrest Plaza Way to River Valley Family Health.  River Valley provides much needed healthcare services to the under/noninsured in the Uncompahgre Valley and we have witnessed their positive impact in our community. 

RVFHC, in late September, opened a new clinic in Delta County. This new site, through a partnership with The Center for Mental Health, will be a fully integrated office offering primary care, behavioral health, and dental services. Nearly a quarter of RVFHC’s Olathe clinic patients come from Delta and the North Fork. The new Delta facility helps reduce the transportation barrier for these patients.

RVFHC meets the needs of the community by taking care of the underserved. It works with Medicare, Medicaid, CHP+ and CICP, and also provides medical services on a sliding scale for qualifying patients. In just 5 years, RVFHC expanded to 12 providers and 61 employees in three locations: Olathe, Montrose and Delta.

“Our mission is to serve the underserved. And the reality is there are so many people in our region who need access to healthcare. If we don’t act immediately on these needs, we would not be doing our job.” said Debby Harrison-Zarkis, chief operating officer of River Family Health Center.


$1 million federal grant to build new Montrose facility

In May 2016, RVFHC was awarded a $1 million federal grant to build a new facility in Montrose. The current plan to remodel the former Montrose Athletic Club building on Rio Grande is being reconsidered“We did our due diligence to try to make the MAC building work. We know it’s a landmark building and the community was excited to see something in there. But, after months of back and forth with architects, contractors, planners and the City, we’ve all come to the conclusion that we need a different build-out to suit our growing needs,” said Carroll. “The good news is we can still put that federal grant to good use for this community very soon.” 

The permanent facility will be able to serve up to 8,000 patients in Montrose.  Combined with Delta and Olathe clinics, RVFHC will be able to see over 12,000 patients in the region. All three RVFHCs are currently accepting new patients.

River Valley Family Health Center: RVFHC, a federally qualified health center (FQHC) since 2012, offers primary care, mental health and dental services. RVFHC provides patient centered care for family and individual primary health care needs for all ages, including same day appointments for acute illness, gynecological services, CDL/DOT physicals, farm worker health services, diabetic educations services and more. RVFHC meets the needs of the community by taking care of the underserved. RVFHC works with Medicare, Medicaid, CHP+ and CICP, and also provides medical services on a sliding scale for qualifying patients. FQHC’s must meet strict quality, clinical and financial measures to be reimbursed. RVFHC has received distinguished awards and recognition including, recently ranked one of the top FQHCs in Colorado, NCQA PCMH level 2 recognition; perfect Federal Audit in 2016; Enhanced Primary Care Medical Provider; National Health Service Corps’ Community Day Award for “Outstanding Leadership, Collaboration, and Service in Health Care” received by CMO; 2017 CCDC ADA Award received by CEO. For more information visit or call/visit any of the three locations: Olathe: 308 Main Street / 970-323-6141; Montrose: 100 Tessitore Court, Suite B / 970-497-3333; Delta: 107 West 11th Street / 970-874-8981.

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