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Sharing Ministeries sold Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn on S. Townsend, this summer.

The Sharing Ministries Food Bank, 49 North 1st Street, has been helping residents of Montrose and four other counties for 22 years, but they’re still finding new ways to feed the hungry and poor.

For example, they have a deal with John Harold and Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn, according to Sharing Ministries executive director Oneda Doyal. “This summer, we sold Olathe Sweet Corn out of a truck on S. Townsend, in front of Renfrow Realty and the Furniture Connection. We do that every summer, and 100 percent of the proceeds come back here to the Food Bank, so we can purchase more food.” The sales ended on August 25. As of this writing, Doyal didn’t have final sales figures, but “We always do well with it and we look forward to it every summer,” she said.

Sharing Ministries also has a separate boutique.”We’ve got the Green Cupboard, located at 443 E. Main St.,” said Doyal. “That’s a women’s boutique, selling jewelry and accessories. 100 percent of the proceeds from our store comes back to the Food Bank.”

While Sharing Ministries is in good shape financially, it is a charity and always needs donations. “The Food Bank is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we rely entirely on donations,” Doyal explained. “So, we’re always in need of donors and volunteers.”

There are several ways that you can donate. “They can donate through the mail, or they can go on to our website to donate ( We also have an endowment fund, so if anyone has a passion for the Food Bank and wants to contribute long term, they can donate to that aspect of it,” according to Doyal.

As for volunteering, “The same as with the financial situation, Sharing Ministries is the community. The organization wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have volunteers, giving of their precious time and talents,” Doyal pointed out. “So, we’re always looking for volunteers, especially this time of year when everyone is on vacation, and getting back to school, or moving on with busy lives. The more volunteers we can get, the better off we are.”

Oneda Doyal says the organization has opportunities for people from every age group and skill set. “They can work at the warehouse, or behind the scenes in our farming program, our gardening program. The Green Cupboard is run by volunteers. We need people for the board. We need drivers. So, there is always something that someone can contribute to the Food Bank.” If you’d like to volunteer, just call Sharing Ministries at 970-240-8385, or stop by Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Other ways you can help include:

  • Contribute food, funds or equipment.
  • Make a cash donation.
  • Sign up for the City Market Community Rewards Program.
  • Support Food Bank partners, e.g. Big O Tires.
  • Host a food drive at your church or workplace.
  • Partner with Sharing Ministries
  • Join the Board of Directors.
  • Sign up at Amazon Smile to donate 0.05% of everything you purchase.


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