Some of our past gems that you might have missed

Wil Harmsen

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Wil Harmsen is a passionate man: “He works as a residential lender. Those two words do not necessarily evoke passion, but the way Wil tells it, he will do whatever it takes to help someone get a home loan.”


A  loving memory of his father by artist Bruce Gomez: “My dad liked root beer—a big treat was going to the A&W to buy a jug of root beer, take it home and drop in some vanilla ice cream.”


Teen Care Center Opens:A teen care center, separate from the little kids and dedicated to those 13 and over is an idea that has been floating around the Pediatric Associates office for more than six years.”


A new driving force in downtown Montrose“The new manager of Montrose’s Downtown Development Authority brings an impressive mixture of intelligence, experience, charm and enthusiasm to her job.”





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Mavis Bennett

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