Two Rascals

from top: Terri Leonardi, Frank Leonardi, Daniel Leonardi, Chelsea Ruhbalid

Two Rascals is a family brewery business with a warm and welcoming ambience. Frank and Terri Leonardi are business partners, and their son, Daniel, is the beer brewer.

Open since 2012, they have an eclectic following. Families come to play board games in the afternoon. The second and fourth Wednesday nights are trivia nights; they call it “handmade trivia” because a couple of kids think up the questions and look up the answers, so you won’t find these answers in a box. On Saturday nights, they pull down a screen and motorcycle racing fans gather to watch Supercross videos.

Daniel is the brewer. “It just started as a hobby,” he said. “I always liked beer and started making it on the porch.” He brews a variety of beers from fairly light to fairly dark with some choices in between. “We usually have at least six of our own beers.”

In the early days they didn’t offer food ( you could bring in your own) so when Steve, from Big Head Barbeque, offered to sell his food truck to them, they jumped on it. “We have the best hamburger in Montrose,” Frank exclaimed.They have a long and tempting menu, including chicken sandwiches, chicken caesar salads, BLTs and a variety of fries.

“Probably the best thing we have,” said Daniel, “is homemade brats. We teamed up with Wind Drift Farms in Olathe, a pork farm. We take a sow and our beer to Kiniken and they mix the beer in with the pork and make beer brats.”

Two Rascals is a favorite for many kinds of activities from baby showers to retirement parties.

The Leonardi’s were born and raised in Ouray. Terri was the Postmaster, while Frank worked in the mine and later had a handyman business (which comes in handy at Two Rascals.)

“For the people who come here,” Frank said, “it feels like family, not like a bar.” They hadn’t planned on being a real restaurant but they’ve worked themselves into it. “We’re probably going to build a kitchen; it gets really cold in the winter and hot in the summer.”

Located at 147 N. 1st St., 249-8689. They are open from 4 p.m.-9 p.m. during the week, and 1 p.m.-9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


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