Why God gives babies to young people

Everyone tells you that grandchildren give a new perspective to your life, and that is the absolute truth! The new perspective is “this is why God gives babies to young people.”

When we visit, there is the pounding of two sets of little feet followed by relentless knocking on the guest bedroom door, usually just after the crack of dawn. “It’s us! Are you awake?” Yes, as a matter of fact we are, after you guys almost broke the sound barrier pounding on the door, which you fortunately can’t open because of the little rubber circles over the door knob, but thanks for asking!

Two little bodies launch into the bed with you, well, actually one is short, so she has to be hoisted up by her diaper. More on that. The almost four-year-old brother is okay, but the younger little sister (they are 15 months apart) is wearing an overnightpee soaked diaper that you hope holds together for another few minutes as everyone snuggles together. Oh, the smell of warm pee!

I love that these little ones are so big on imagination. Don’t get me wrong, an iPad with age appropriate games shows up at dinners out in real restaurants to keep the small ones entertained and in their seats until the meal appears. But other times we are racing Matchbox cars down a track and I even win sometimes. We inspect the cars to see which ones might be the fastest or stay on the track the best. It is serious stuff. When we get out the plastic horses, it really gets fun. Did you know that when desperate, you can take an empty 12 pack beer box, open up the ends and voila, you have a stable for the horses.

The scariest words in the vocabulary of a toddler are “watch this, Mamou!” It’s like an instant stress test for your heart. Just how high can a toddler jump from a countertop to the floor without breaking their ankles and how did they even get up there that fast?

Bedtime is the toughest for their parents. They have had a long day at work and just want to spend some quality time with their angels before they put them in bed. The kids know how cute they are in their jammies. They ask for enough snacks and drinks of water to supply a whole battalion of troops and they only need a few hundred stories read. This is about the point where their little heads start to swivel on their necks like something out of the “The Exorcist” and the meltdown their poor parents never saw coming, erupts like a volcano. I am not swayed by cuteness in jammies. When they were in my care one evening, I announced life was tough and you don’t always get what you want (cue Mick Jagger). That everyone would get a sippy cup, one snack, and one story in their own bed, and oh yes, a big hug and kiss because Mamou loves them so much! In bed by 8:01! Fist pump!

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Debbie Reed

Debbie Reed

Debbie Reed is a 35+ year transplant to Montrose. In her other life, she is a Realtor with Phelps Realty,